In bombastic show of force against “Bully Putin” Trudeau does shirtless photo shoot riding moose

Newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rides moose, threatens Vladimir Putin, all while shirtless
Newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rides moose, threatens Vladimir Putin, all while shirtless. Photo Andrea Kwan

Yesterday afternoon, newly-elected Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau demonstrated his tough stance against Russia’s Vladimir Putin by organizing a photo shoot. Trudeau dashed into the Canadian wilderness where he lassoed a bull moose, mounted it, and rode it top-speed through a pristine stream, while photographers jockeyed to get the best shot. The photo shoot took less than an hour, according to True Facts Wire photographer Andrea Kwan. “It was astonishing, really” Kwan confided, “We weren’t there more than fifteen minutes before Justin had subdued the moose, using nothing but a lasso and his chiseled figure. He’s clearly done this before.”

Trudeau’s photo shoot comes in response to a well-publicized photo, released by the Kremlin, that shows Putin riding a bear. “This kind of imagery is meant to intimidate,” Trudeau said. “I wanted to let the world know that here in Canada we also have big game – and as of October 19th we also have a leader who rides it, hashtag Real Change™.”

The message behind the photo shoot is consistent with Trudeau’s rhetoric on the campaign trail. “I said that Canada needs to stand strongly against the bully Putin,” Trudeau said next to the pristine stream, while flicking water droplets out of his curly locks. “That strong stand starts today, and it starts by me riding this moose without a shirt on.”

Late last night, Putin issued a statement on the photo shoot. “I ride bears, so I fear no mooses” Putin said, misusing the plural of “moose”. Trudeau countered, saying, “Moose kill more Canadians each year than terrorists. So if Putin doesn’t fear them, he’ll have to learn that he’s a damn fool the hard way.”

Trudeau even considered the possibility that, if it could avoid “all out war” with Russia, he would challenge Putin to a moose-back versus bear-back jousting tournament. “Let’s just say I won’t rule it out at this time” Trudeau confirmed. “I think that my record in blood sports against political advisories speaks for itself.”

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36 thoughts on “In bombastic show of force against “Bully Putin” Trudeau does shirtless photo shoot riding moose

      1. It’s shit like this that makes a mockery of our country! Clearly photoshopped, as anyone who has ever seen a moose, knows it doesn’t have the body of a horse or legs like a horse! Also terrible paste job of the face on the person……


    1. Trudeau Jr is already such an embarrassment to Canada and so many are laughing at him including Putin!
      In fact he is pretty terrifying – and can do much to harm Canada.. (how long do we have left to suffer this guy!!!)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. There is no way that this story is true, it is against the Wildlife Act to ride a wild animal and I do not think our newly elected prime minister would break the Wildlife Act by acting so careless by riding a moose.


      1. Nice picture tho,who ever made it is to be commended.I think it is just very funy that things like that get people angry,but loosing freedom does not.


      2. And I would appreciate it if you would not make a mockery of our newly elected Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau is a better choice for Canada and he will bring change. It is obvious to anyone that this picture is photoshopped and your reports have quite the imagination. There is no way that a wild bull moose would allow anyone to ride him. It would be extremely dangerous and foolish for anyone to do this and I highly doubt that Justin Trudeau would have anything to do with this. Careful you don’t get slammed with a libel suit.


      1. now that is the part the press missed and should be posted..The NEW Prime Minister of Canada had just smoked a joint!!! before he rode the moose!

        What an absolute idiot for a Prime MInister


  2. Dianna is hillarious!what a scream.and I thought the article funny too.ihey editor;is she for real or is she a nom de plume for a wanna be comedy writer?not sure which scenario is funniest


    1. Yeah real nice photoshopped photo,but so full of Moose Shit,just like the filling between Blunder Boob TURDeau’s two ears….. C’mon Trust fund baby,let’s have a real life confrontation..Putin’s gonna eat you alive Boob…My Money is on PUTIN…

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  3. I’m not sure what if more funny, the not so well photo shopped picture, the article, that people could take it seriously, or people get both angry and start defending him.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I love what Justin Trudeau stands for. His aproach and character are so refreshing!!!! Taking the piss out of Putin rocks! !!! GO JUSTIN!!!!! GO CANADA!!!! I Have never been prouder to be Canadian. Anyone who can’t put their partisanship aside and be Canadian is missing the point. Can’t wait to see the changes and pride that come from this fearless inclusive and visionary leader in the days to come!!!@

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Quash all those negative comments. This is awesome and the writer(s) should be commended for bringing in references to several real life news topics. I laughed and I shared on FB.


  6. That’s pretty funny! Reminds me of that old comic book Fuddle Duddle about Trudeau Sr.

    By the way, we all know this is fake; you’ve obviously photoshoped antlers onto a female. Every Canadian knows that they’re much easier to ride!


  7. it is October. Moose are in rut in October. They have no time for this, they are busy he-ing and she-ing or charging trains. This picture was obviously taken in some other month. It is a base canard, I tell you.


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