Trump Has Pre-Debate Teleconference with Dr. Claw, No Heart

Dr. Claw, No Heart, Trump
Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump teleconferences with Dr. Claw, No Heart; trio discus taxation policy, geopolitics, getting Gadget.

Breaking: Footage leaked by Sweden’s Intelligence Agency shows that Republican Presidential hopeful had a teleconference this afternoon with Dr. Claw and No Heart. Early reports suggest that M.A.D Cat is a Swedish double-agent, and was able to deliver the footage in his kitty litter.

The trio discussed geopolitics, immigration, and taxation policy in preparation for tonight’s debate. Dr. Claw is apparently funding Trumps campaign in exchange for NSA support in “getting Gadget” if Trump is elected to the White House. Mr. Heart has also provided a large campaign contribution on the condition that Beastly becomes Trump’s Chief of Staff.

This story is developing. The True Facts Wire will post updates as we receive them.


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